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The Court

Our family

The roots of our family are from all around northern Italy: Friuli, Emilia, Lombardy…

The studies of Marco for viticulture and Oenology inspired us; thus uniting us a family, we decided to start this venture. Our research ended in the Oltrepò Pavese, in Broni, when for the first time a spectacle of a valley coated in vineyards gave way before us.

The richness of these hills allows us of making diverse products deriving from the fruits of the land: jams, honey but at the heart of our activity it’s the wine.

Our philosophy is the one that is respectful of the environment, planned around research of quality grapes, aiming mostly to develop the potential of this territory recovering, in the years, the potentiality of native vineyards.

Our Vineyards…

… our wines

Our mission and passion, the wines that we make presents wide variety in taste thanks in small part to our grapes: “Prince of the Oltrepò”, the Pinot Noir, and the natives to the area: Croatina, Barbera and the Uva rara.

Working exclusively with our grapes, picked by hand, we recovered and restored the old concrete tanks: these are only some of the choices made to improve the work in winery, and to manage to lower further processing on the wine keeping high standards and authenticity.

Our enthusiasm is born from the possibility to accompany our wine from the vineyard all the way to the bottle: like a novelist writes a book and delivers it to his audience, we felt the same when one of our bottles gets opened, telling our story.

Our Vineyards...

Ancient fruits…

… our jams

Upon our arrival we noticed the variety of fruit plants that grew in the valley and we decided to add value to this bio diversity aiming at ancient fruits, natives to this area: apples, pears, peaches, cherries to get our jams.

Ancient fruits...

Our bees…

… our honey

To help the natural cycle of the plants, to add value the richness of flowers and essences of our territory, we decided to keep some colonies of bees.

It is from here our honey “Millefiori”, a product strongly influenced by the season and the environment surrounding it.

The Territory

We are located in the Oltrepò Pavese, contained within the southernmost province of Pavia within the region of Lombardy. Nestled between the Po river and the Apennines, right in the middle of Liguria, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna with its iconic “grape cluster” shape.

The area is placed on the 45th parallel north, the famous “wine parallel”. A hilly area that does not exceed the 300 meters in altitude, characterised by a dry climate in winter and a windy one in summer. These characteristics made it a great area for the production of grapes and wines.

Our company, located in the welcoming town of Broni, situated in a truly comfortable position for those that would like to visit the province of Pavia and the neighbouring area. The province of Piacenza, Alessandria, Lodi and Milan are easily accessible thanks to the rail and motorway connections. The Oltrepò area itself offers locations of interest, like the hot springs of Rivanazzo, the castle “Dal Verme of Zavattarello”, the Malaspina’s castle in Navazzano and many more.

Scopri la storia dell’Oltrepò

In the first millennia BCE the colonisation of the Oltrepò hills started from Gaulish Liguri tribes.

Starting in 238 BCE the Romans progressively conquered the area and founded numerous towns. With the end of the western Roman Empire, the Oltrepò was again invaded, during this period the city of Iria (modern day Voghera) was destroyed by Attila’s army.

The Oltrepò then followed the historical and political decision of the Duchy of Milan, from which was detached in 1743 with the treaty of Worms. Maria Theresa of Austria ceded the territory to the King of Sardinia. Thus, the region was taken away from the political control of Pavia entering within the territory of Piedmont under the rule of house Savoy and becoming province with Voghera as a head. In 1860, with the unity of Italy the Oltrepò was ceded back to Pavia.

Classical Greeks and Romans authors cite viticulture, in Oltrepò (some of those being Strabone and Pliny the Elder), and later by others between 1000 and 1500 a.C. and, again, in monographies in 1800s. Today the Oltrepò it’s the second area in the country for surface dedicated to wine. All over the line of gill there are 76 towns.

The Oltrepò pavese is also well renowned as the first area in Italy to make spumante with Pinot Noir in 1865 through “metodo classic” thanks to Count Giorgi of Vistarino and Carlo Gnacia.

Our effort for the environment

Nobody today can allow themselves to ignore the climate change. We choose to take ecologically sensible actions with the aim to add value to local products. We favour the regrowth of bees numbers with our beehives, we do not use chemical herbicides, we fight soil erosion reducing the passage of our agricultural machinery, we produce part of the energy that we consume with our solar panels.

For the future, our goal, is to be even more eco-friendly by integrating more environmentally friendly energy sources and grape harvesting methods, we want to obtain biological certification for our products and to integrate our line of production with native species such as the Varzese cow and the Oca of the Lomellina.

Vivi l’esperienza della nostra terra

Non possiamo ancora reclamare generazioni di attività… Possiamo però garantire la genuinità dei nostri prodotti e la passione che mettiamo nel creare ognuno di essi.
Vieni a trovarci per provare di persona gli aromi, i profumi, i sapori della nostra valle!